Types of Advertising

Types of Advertising


Advertising? The most significant form of marketing communication done to promote or sell a solution through a non-personal message and openly sponsored format.

Arguably the most popular discipline within the marketing function.

What are the types of Advertising?

There are several types of advertisings. However, not many people are fully aware of them.

Although now the current generation knows what exactly advertisements do but still to sound a bit academic, let us give you a more detailed overview and begin by looking at the very definition of advertising.

“The businesses are trying to persuade people to buy products or services.”

Its the act or practice of swaying towards a purchase.

Several ways have been introduced from traditional/legacy media to new/modern media?

The history of advertising can be traced to ancient civilization when Egyptians used papyrus (thick paper) to make wall posters and write sales messages.

Advertisers have a vast array of choices, and in this blog, we’ll lay out many of the types of advertising.

Advertising is communicated through various media formats; it can be either through traditional media or digital media.

Today, we breakdown the different media that are available for businesses and brands to consider when looking to advertise.

Traditional Media communicate with one-way technologies, involve print media.

We can further classify media into direct mail, newspaper, magazines, outdoor advertising, radio broadcasting, and television.

New Media is a form of media that enable people to telecommunicate with each other through search engine results, websites, articles, blogs, social media platforms, and text messages.

You can even call new/modern media digital media because of the use of electronic devices.

Both types of advertising are still in use, but with the advent of new media, traditional media has faced many challenges.

Which doesn’t mean that it has lost its worth?

With the advancements in digital media, it is said that advertisers had spent $40 billion more on internet ads than on TV ads last year.

You can also check the full stats of global advertising spending here from 2014 to 2021.

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Today, businesses want to promote their brands and services by capturing the minds of people through new methods.

Worldwide the estimated spending on advertising is undoubtedly going to increase in the upcoming years, as businesses want to promote their brands and services by capturing the minds of people through new methods.

A good marketing strategy for brands includes a good dose of offline or traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Are you curious to know about the tactics used in advertising to reach consumers?

The following list is an introduction to the types of advertising and how you could use them for your business to grab the attention of your targeted audience to generate higher sales.

We begin our breakout with traditional media and then get into digital advertising to round out a complete picture.

Direct Mail:


3 Things SMS Marketing Can Learn from Direct Mail | Aviaro

Image Source: Aviaro

In advertising, direct mail is one of the oldest types in which prospective buyers receive a message by post or mail service.

Direct mail is used by businesses in which they send letters, brochures, catalogs, postcards, and promotional material to their potential clients and customers.

The most significant advantage of this type of advertising is it allows you to communicate with your targeted audience one-on-one.

In contrast, in other types of advertising, you’re not sure who is receiving your message.

This method is beneficial as it provides direct and detailed information about the product sent to the buyers and establishes direct contact with the consumer.

Secrecy is highly maintained in this type of advertising but suffers from certain flaws because it is sent directly to the clients.

It has limited access, which means that a small number of buyers can be reached.

This method is beneficial as it provides direct and detailed information about the product sent to the buyers and establishes direct contact with the consumer.

There are disadvantages to this form of advertising as it suffers from certain flaws because it is sent directly to the clients. It has limited reach, and response rates are often low as many consumers throw direct mail pieces away without giving it a read.

This can get costly if the advertiser is not getting the desired result.

If you’re wondering if direct-mail advertising works?

Be mindful of the fact that if you’re going to choose direct mail, you have to do it right.

For a particular demographic and buyer personas, this advertising type may still be useful. Know your customer, and if you feel that the communities and customers you are targeting open direct mail, this may be a great tried, true, and tested way to advertise.

Newspapers and Magazines


Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

Image Source: MyImaginaryFriendGraphics

One of the most used formats in the 20th century to advertise to your target audience is by using print media. This format usually comes in two mediums of communication, i.e., newspapers and magazines.

As you may already know, print journalism has been in decline as such this medium is reaching far fewer people than it did in the past.

However, many still get printed newspapers on their doorstep. Besides, doctors, dentists, and lawyers’ offices are usually filled with magazines to help their patients or clients pass the time.

Newspapers are still essential 

Even though the reach is shrinking, the right message can resonate with the target audience if done right.

Several benefits of newspaper advertising cannot be found elsewhere, including television, radio, or even the internet.

The cost of advertising is more affordable than many of the mediums and offers better targeting. Newspaper adverting allows brands to target the specific audience that is often difficult to reach through other mediums.

Newspapers effectively reach more customers because of the ability to be an engaging and trustworthy source.

Using Magazine Advertisement To Promote 

You might be thinking, “it may seem pointless to advertise in magazines?”

The reason being that other mediums have reached millions of consumers.

Well, it is not pointless. Hear us out on this one!

Because ads in magazines have a more extended staying power, or you can say shelf life than other digital ads that come and go.

You have the power to stay in the minds of the consumer much longer in comparison to other mediums, by advertising in a magazine.

Advertisements in magazines are very creative than usual because of being colorful and “prestigious,” which appeals to the readers.

However, the cost of advertising in magazines is higher and has much less flexibility compared to newspapers.

A fun fact about magazine advertisements is that those published on the right-hand page are more expensive than the left-hand page.

Still, newspapers and magazines both have a more significant impact and exposure because millions of people are reading your advertisement to know more about your brand.

Radio Advertising:


 Brands Need to Join the 21st Century and Tap Into Radio ...

Image Source: Adweek

When you’re thinking about methods of advertising to promote your business, radio might not be the first thing that comes to your mind.

Especially in the era of social media, radio might seem “dated” to the younger generation (those that are 37 years and younger today).

But radio can be something important when it comes to market your advertising depending on your target audience.

Radio advertising, as compared to other media, offers more affordability.

It offers broad reach to the targeted audience and can be beneficial for your enterprise by delivering a timely message.

If you want to go with radio advertising, a few things you must keep in mind.

Among other broadcast mediums, which have visual appeal, radio can only impact your target audience through sound.

But it covers all types of listeners, whether literate or not, to advertise your product.

Don’t forget that people listening to your advertisement on the radio are probably doing something else at the same time, like doing household chores or driving.

They are multitasking and listening to your advertisement at the same time.

So, try to make your key information more prominent about the product you’re selling.

Television Advertising:


Exactly Why Is Advertising and marketing Required for Every ...

Image Source: EuroBusinessInfo

Watching tv is one of the most common and modern leisure activities, and advertising on television is one of the fastest-growing mediums of marketing.

This type of advertising has gained substantial popularity among the masses these days.

TV advertising is the most dominant way to reach a large number of consumers.  For baby boomers particularly – this is still the number one source of media consumption (in the post-COVID-19 era).

A great research study done by Global Web Index details out the breakout by demographic here.

Because this medium includes sound and sight to convey the message to your audience.

Advertising on television allows you to show and tell a wide range of audiences by grabbing their attention.

Engaging television ads are not just walking and talking messages.

They foster emotions, empathy, and leave an ever-lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

These elements make television ads costly compared to other mediums but also more effective and impressive.

Cinema Advertising:


Longer time frame with expansive screen and large audio systems ...

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Ever thought of advertising right before a movie starts at a movie theatre?

Why not? Look at the bigger picture, the more significant impact.

Also, the ads broadcast in cinemas are just as same on television but have one privilege.

And that is the captive environment of the cinema in which the audience has no chance to change the channel or ignore it not even can walk away because they are at a movie theatre.

So, isn’t this one of the most creative and smart techniques to promote your brand?

Undoubtedly, it can be.  Perhaps more so after the Post COVID-19 era is out of the way and we can conduct social distancing.

Did you know that cinemagoers are four times more likely to be emotionally involved in your ad than television audience?

When they remember the movie – they also remember the advertisement displayed in between.

Choose the timings when you want your ad to appear on the big screen.

It can be before the movie begins or during intermission.

In my opinion, it is always better to promote your brand before the film starts – because, in an intermission, many people leave for a break.

This type of advertising is highly costly but has a higher value as it serves hundreds of people at once.

This can be effective and part of your marketing mix, if you have larger budgets and can afford expensive mediums to build impressions.

Outdoor Advertising:

OOH! Here we don’t mean “Out-Of-Here” or not even trying to express my excitement – but introduce you to a commonly used abbreviation in this advertising segment: Out-Of-Home advertising.

Why this is out of home when radio can be out of home or cinema or other formats are definitely out of home is beyond me at this point.  Nonetheless, it is a term that stuck.

As the name suggests, this type of advertising is created to reach consumers who are in a public place, or you can say outside their homes.

Also, advertising falls into four main categories:

  • Billboards.
  • Street furniture.
  • Transits.
  • Digital outdoor advertising.

Billboard advertising:


Free Indoor Billboard Advertising Mockup | Free Mockup

Image Source: FreeMockUp

We all are aware of what billboards are and can easily find them either on highly visible, heavy traffic areas or less-traveled roads in rural areas.

Drivers and travelers see them almost everywhere, as they are a cost-effective advertising method.

The stunning visuals on billboards leave an impression on the viewer and help you get the best bang for your buck.

Street Furniture:


Global signs outdoor advertising deal with BT - CityAM : CityAM

Image Source: Cityam

The use of street furniture for advertising is one of the efficient and cost-effective approaches.

Let us tell you what certain displays fall into the general category of street furniture such as benches in parks, busses and bus stop shelters, pole and telephone kiosks, news racks, etc.

Transit Advertising:


Transit Advertising: All You Need To Know About Transit ...

Image Source: Pinterest

The most popular form of transit advertising is ads on the sides of the busses.

This is also common in subways, taxis, along airport walkways to highlight their products.

Digital Outdoor Advertising:


Outdoor Advertising « Ready To Quote

Image Source: ReadytoQuote

This type of advertising is also known as digital signage.

Electrical technology is used to change what is displayed on a screen.

This specific type of advertising has gained much popularity within modern times because of the advent of digital billboards, which easily attract consumers.

Ultimately advertising follows the consumers wherever they go, and all the categories mentioned above, offer ways to reach a broader audience in a local or regional market.

Digital Advertising

Unlike traditional advertising, digital advertising provides much more precision and control in reaching the target audiences.

The control in digital advertising comes from “cookies” or tags that are installed on a user’s machine when they visit a platform or a website.

This visit by the user gives the website owner pertinent intelligence that it can use in understanding, storing, defining the characteristics of demographic and preferences, taste, location, and historical buying and browsing patterns. These cookies assign a unique identifier for each visitor and allow the website owner to keep track of the same user when they revisit the site.

All different types of users visit this website or platform, and this massive amount of data is collected (big data) and synthesized. In essence, it gives the publishers, website owners or platforms a high level of precision to have advertisers place ads in front of a very targeted audience.

The platform or site can then sell this space to advertisers much the same way a newspaper does.

As an advertiser looking to advertise on the platform or website, you use the data to really segment and specify when, where, and how frequently you want your ad to appear.

Various types of publishers are available online, and these include search engines, social media platforms, video streaming services, and market places.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

The most common form of online advertising is pay-per-click.

This form gives the advertiser to place ads in front of the target audience on the publisher’s platform.

The advertiser only pays when the user clicks on the ad.

Impressions are free.

Is that not amazing in digital? That your brand can get exposure without having to ever pay for advertising.

This is a significant difference from traditional media formats where they charge for every time it is printed or distributed.

Here distribution is usually free, and only when the customer’s curiosity is intrigued, and he or she has shown interest, the publisher tracks and collects.

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There are various forms of Pay-Per-Click advertising, including social media, search engine results pages, and video viewership.

Social Media Advertising:


Road to social media advertising

Image Source: Hootsuite

While there are other advertising approaches, social media advertising has taken over the market by storm.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, this strategy can drive your business objectives.

This type of advertising is used to grab the attention of the social media platforms users to bring in consistent sales.

Social Media allows you to promote your brand in several ways; some of them are:

  • Social networking.
  • Microblogging.
  • Photo and video sharing.

Also, these help in increasing your fanbase and sales as well.

Now the question is, which type of social media advertising will help your business grow?

Here, we have compiled the list of influential social media advertising platforms you must know.

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Twitter.
  • Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Snapchat.

You can take a look at all of these social media platforms and quickly find out which ads are worth your budget.

We understand there are many advertising options out there.

It might make it challenging to decide which ad platform you could get the best ROI from.

If you need help deciding whether social advertising is right for your business, you can ask us.

We’ll help you select the best ones.

Final Words:

We have explained to you all the major types of advertising, and now it’s your gig to choose the right platform to run your campaign on.

If you’re still not sure about where to allocate your budget or your ad campaign isn’t performing well.

Let us know in the comments below we’ll be happy to help you.

Remember, a single mistake in advertising can be costly.

To keep an eye on your mistakes, you can hire an expert here to handle your ad campaigns and start promoting the brand.

Questions – don’t be afraid to reach out.  You can reach us at [email protected] for any advertising queries you may have!

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