CCMA Case Study

The Canadian Council of
Montessori Administrators

How does an iconic Canadian brand revitalize its design and improve its visibility?


Case Studies:

“We love working with the team at Web Worx Labs. They are thorough and always provide timely execution. Their expertise in all things technology and marketing has worked wonders for our brand already.”

Katherine Poyntz,

Executive Director CCMA

CCMA promotes standards of excellence in Montessori education through accreditation, support and service, and provides a unified voice for our members across Canada

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Even as a national body, the design elements of the brand, the layout and exposure to target audiences had been conducted via offline means. To improve online visibility and enhance branding appeal CCMA turned to Web Worx Labs for their digital marketing solutions.

At Web Worx Labs building strong brands online is something we do, day in, day out. However, before diving into the campaign there is always a need to do thorough planning and research to gain alignment and understand milestones and deliverable.

“We needed to create content that is engaging and enlightening for the existing community of Montessori while attracting new audiences.”
Usman Sheikh, Founder Web Worx Labs.

Using big data and analytics, keywords that would give CCMA the greatest visibility were narrowed and aligned upon. Buyer personas were created to identify target customers and to help with everything from social media posts, to brand messaging, tone and ad copy.

After researching and understanding the customer, the marketing team looked at the gaps vs. current standards of high calibre brands and immediately realized that the website was something that needed to be redone. The whole customer experience journey needed to be redefined.

Results After 6 Months:

372% Increase In Web Traffic. 

Ranking for High-volume & brand relevant keywords on 1st Page: 34+ keywords (outranking Wikipedia at one point)

Increased Visibility:  3x vs. start of the campaign and web design

As we continue on this journey to revitalize the brand, we have seen great progress and reached new milestones. We report, track and measure results regularly.

We share and discuss findings and whenever we find things are not working – we always tweak to ensure we continue to refine and optimize as we continue to grow the brand.


“We love working with the team at Web Worx Labs.  They are thorough and always provide timely execution.  Their expertise in all things technology and marketing has worked wonders for our brand already.”

The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators

-Katherine Poyntz

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